What is the best way to use a ring light?
In the field of portrait photography, there is a very popular type of equipment, it is the ring light.
Its usage is very simple: place the light in front of the subject, and place the camera in the center of the light circle to shoot. The photos taken in this way are often evenly exposed and have very few shadows, which are very popular among photographers.
In addition, the ring light can also create a special shape of circular eye catch light-this will undoubtedly make the eyes more energetic, especially when shooting portraits and face close-ups.
However, the use of ring lights can go beyond that. Compared with ordinary photography lights, these special-sized and shaped lights have many "other uses"-although they may not be designed for their purpose, they are just as easy to use.

1. As the "ordinary" main light source

Although the ring light can be placed directly in front of the subject to provide “uniform and no dead-angle” lighting, it can also be placed in other locations and used as a “normal” photography light—and the effect is not bad.

Because of its "hollow", you have to place it a little further away, increase the brightness, and tilt the lamp panel toward the main body.

You can also use other objects to block the lamp body to control its lighting area or add shadow effects.

The special structure of the ring light makes it a light source with a "self-contained soft box". Maybe it requires you to do more parameter adjustments (brightness, position, angle, etc.) when using it, but its lighting effect is better than that of "normal" photography lights.

2. As a fill light source

In addition to acting as the "ordinary" main light, the ring light can also be used as a filling light source, mixed with other studio light sources such as photography lights and flashes.

The ring light is used as a filling light source, and the fill light effect is also very good

Compared with the "normal" filled light source, the fill light effect of the ring light will be softer-similar to the effect of a normal light source equipped with a large soft box.

It is worth mentioning that the power of the ring light is often inferior to that of the flash, and you need to adjust the power of the flash.

In addition, when you need to change the color temperature of the fill light, the ring light is often weak-ordinary color filters cannot satisfy the huge ring light, and there are fewer ring lights with their own color temperature adjustment function.

3. As a prop

Most of the LED ring lights do not become hot when the power is turned on. You can use them as props for portrait photography to make your photos more lively and interesting.

Let your model have a fun with the ring light and take some interesting photos. This will not only harvest a few special photos, but also help to invigorate the atmosphere, reduce the tension of the model during shooting, and be more helpful for the subsequent shooting.

Ring lights of different sizes have different props to play, so let’s develop your brains~

4. As a composition tool

When the ring light is working, it is a bright ring. It has a high degree of attention and is not ugly. It can be used as a "material" for framed composition:

You can also put it behind the model to form a circular halo. Believe me, the photos taken this way will be eye-catching and interesting.

How To Shop For A Ring Light?

If you are planning to purchase a ring light for your personal or business needs then you might have a little difficulty in choosing which type of ring lightto buy.

  • Cooling function

The use of LED lights must pay attention to heat dissipation. In order to save and cost, some manufacturers will not pay more attention to heat sink components. As long as the temperature of these products is slightly higher, their performance will be reduced, their lifespan will be shortened, and they may even be damaged. , Consumers can’t distinguish without dismantling, they can only use the more light, the darker it becomes.

Therefore, when purchasing, you can use aluminum substrates (aluminum-based circuit boards with good heat dissipation) as the standard, and insist on quality first.

  • Applicable scene

The ring lights on the market range in size from 6 inches, 10 inches, 18 inches to the larger 22 inches. How to choose the right size?

The 6-inch ring light is relatively small and can be illuminated in a small range, and is generally only suitable for lighting in a small area or as a supplementary light source.

The 10-inch ring light can be stored at will when traveling, and combined with the triangle bracket, this combination is really good for the small video experience of outdoor shooting. The stability and lighting are guaranteed. The outdoor is not limited, and the effect of the ring light is better indoors. It maximizes the need for simple light supplementation in live light supplementation, makeup selfies, tattoo nail art, sales pictures, video recording, etc. However, it is not suitable for large-area lighting ranges, such as photos or videos that need to be shot half-length or full-body. Not suitable for professional photo studios and beauty salons.

LED ring light 18 inch is suitable for mobile phones, cameras and tablets. You can charge your mobile phone while shooting. Compared with the 10-inch ring light, it is more suitable for professional shooting, and the lighting range is wider.18 inch ring light is a professional lighting equipment for creating photos, live videos, recording with smartphone or camera. Perfect extra light aids for Photography, take photos ,Youtube Live streaming, Facebook Live, Outdoor travel, Night Reading, or Chrismas Gathering

 If you need to use a ring light outdoors, you can choose a battery-powered ring light.

The difference between 22 inches and 18 inches is not much, but the size is larger, and the brightness and range of the lighting are stronger.