Dual-Lens Camera Strap Vest For DSLR Cameras

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  • It’s a unique chest harness system that supports 1 or 2 cameras eliminating the neck strain usually associated with shooting long jobs such as weddings, sports, public relations and photojournalism.
  • The system comes complete with a camera tether that securely supports your camera and increases stability.
  • The Side Holster allows you to carry a second camera holster-style, leaving you hands-free for other activities like using your phone or texting until you are ready to shoot.
  • With the multifunctional belt locking system, your camera is always secured and at the ready.
  • The Side Holster is an affordable upgrade from a traditional neck strap since its design helps eliminate all neck and shoulder pain while also preventing your camera from swinging about freely.
  • Perfect for Weddings, graduations, extreme sports, PR shoots, and journalism assignments, micro film, climbing, outdoor videos etc. Musthave for the photographer on the go.


  • Eliminates neck and shoulder strain and camera swinging;
  • Comfortably carries any size of camera and lens combination
  • Secure locking system and easy to release;
  • 1 or 2 camera carrying design;
  • Ideal for sports, nature, weddings photography

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Daniel J. ODonnell

Makes me feel better and flexible with the simple attachments, easy to work and move around

Lissa List

Comfort table, easy, weight off my neck

Sharon Seguin

Absolutely love this. I can hold both cameras at the same time. Never miss a sweet camera moment again. Used it in a wedding.


This was a must needed purchase. I recommend to anyone who owns a camera

Tom Konisiewicz

The weight distribution is perfect to my own center of gravity and I don’t feel like I’m overloaded at any point.

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