DIY Blank Graffiti Acrylic Night Light

Size: 15cm
Pen: Without Pen
$29.99 $39
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  • 【Warm and bright colors】: This rectangular wooden LED base displays 6 LED patches, which is bright enough to illuminate your art glass. It can also be used as a small desk lamp.

  • 【DIY, customized at will, reused】 The transparent acrylic board can be freely painted with whiteboard markers or erasable pens. You can give full play to your creativity, erase and reuse. Easily remove with tissue papers or wet wipes, so you can modify your drawing whenever you'd like.

  • 【A gift from memory to moment】 This night light is the perfect choice for a fun gift idea, the choice is yours to come up with a surprise for someone you love.

  • 【Bright & natural light】The light is warm and soft without glare, The brightness is Suitable for Bedrooms, Baby rooms, Bars, Cafes, Hotels, cinemas, Clubs, University, Restaurant.

  • 【Brand professional quality】 Made of acrylic plexiglass +Wooden base, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and odorless. Made by experienced craftsmen, the products are beautiful and durable. No battery needed, works well with multiple devices-PC, Laptop, Battery Bank. Easy control on the cord to power on/off or switch to the lighting mode you prefer.

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    I am really liking the ability to customize this.


    Definitely something we need to remind ourselves.

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