All-in-one Rotation Face Tracking Phone Holder With Ring Light

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Elevate Your Photo And Video Stills To The Next Level.

360° Rotation Auto Face Tracking Camera Mount Holder = Smart Capture 360° Cameramen+Live Broadcast Streaming

  • Release Your Hands:

This 360 automatic face tracking camera holder and object tracking camera phone holder will help you solve the problem of video shooting and selfies, let your phone follow you, take selfies, and no longer ask for help.

  • Face Tracking + 360° Smart Shooting

Face tracking holders introduce the artificial intelligence technology of human body image synthesis and proportion estimation into intelligent shooting. The selfie stand can rotate 360 degrees to make your phone follow you intelligently while walking. You can set the posture and then take a photo automatically every 3 seconds. Very suitable for lectures, sports events, presentations, group photos, adventure shooting, Instagram, Vlog.

  • Intelligent Tracking of Moving Objects: 

If you want to take photos of your pet, our Selfie can track and shoot objects in real-time, track the displacement of the objects, and then shoot automatically. Everyone can easily use it and like it, which is really a big gain.

  • 3 Color Modes &10 Levels Brightness

10 inch portable ring light features with 3 color modes (yellow, cool and warm white ) and 10 levels of brightness. Perfect for videomakers, like Youtuber, Videographers, and Vloggers.

  • Multiple Functions

Maximize the capability of your smartphone camera with 360°object tracking and more. The 1/4" universal port at the bottom compatible with most tripod. Great for speeches, group photos, adventure recording, Live steaming and video shooting. Live/Camera mode and beauty function make your photo/video more appealing.


  • 360° Face Tracking Holder: The holder can rotate at 360° to automatically track human face or active object. Controlled with phone APP "AIX Pro", the holder can be widely used for multi-purpose applications.

  • 10in LED Ring Light: 120pcs lamp beads provide the LED ring light with 3000-6000K color temperature, with white/ warm white/ warm 3 colors and 11-level brightness adjustable, to meet various lighting needs.

  • More Functions in APP: Beauty filter, 4K/1080P video making, vlog making, subject and human face automatic tracking, gesture control and time-lapse photography and more functions are to explore.

  • Flexible Phone Holder: Phone can be mounted on the clamp holder with flexible neck, fold into the angles you want. Suitable phone width is about 5.6-10cm / 2.2-3.94in.

  • Universal 1/4 Tripod Mounting: 1/4inch screw thread down the holder makes quick loading on tripod and detach in seconds, universal compatibility makes it convenient to use.

  • For Live Streaming Broadcast: Smart tracking holder combines bright LED ring light together, for phone video streaming, live broadcast, online makeup teaching and more.

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Works great


I love this 😀 ❤ 😍 💗 its so nice 👌 😍


After long time I find out right tracking holder now I made my YouTube video my self ,this is very easy to use I m recommend this item thanks.


Pretty handy 360 iPhone holder, it follows you when you move around, nice for unboxing videos or tutorials.

Hart R.

It came on time and it is lightweight. Eaze of use and it does have face recognition.

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