Teleprompter for Laptop, Desktop PC with Remote Control

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Say What You Mean With Confidence

With the YO-GOGO Laptop, Desktop PC Teleprompter, you can easily say exactly what you mean while looking directly into the camera.

Sometimes you need to shoot on the fly, and with the compact size & easily portability of a Smartphone Teleprompter, you can even record your speaker using your laptop’s camera.
Excellent for instructors, business professionals, journalists, and churches and charities creating video content.

【Compatibility & Portable】:

The shooting device can be a Laptop, Desktop PC. This mini teleprompter dimension: 16.5cm*8.5cm*18cm.

【Suitable for A Variety of Scenes】:

Portable teleprompter inspiration to design, during the recording process, you can see your pre-written manuscript through the teleprompter, and the eyes only look at the camera, the eyes are not shifted, easy to carry, and you can record anytime, anywhere.

【Clear Reflection Effect】:

The Teleprompter adopts the principle of light reflection, which makes the font reflection clear and easy to read so that the speaker can also face the camera while watching the lines. Can reduce the number of NG, effectively improve work efficiency.

【Cold Shoe Mount & 1/4 Screw Hole】:

The cold shoe mounts on the top of the teleprompter for adding a flashlight microphone, video light, ring light, or other optional accessories. 

 【Easy to Operate】:

You can control the teleprompter App document content, pause, play, play speed, and page-turning through Remote Control. The remote control can also control other teleprompter App. According to the shooting needs, you can switch the phone bracket position freely, and adjust the horizontal and vertical shooting.

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Based on 12 reviews

Really handy device.


Works great.


I use this for my YouTube channel and I couldn't be more pleased. I write 15-20 minutes scripts and it works like a charm.

Lucy Y.

Great prompter for Youtuber & Great customer service


Great Teleprompter That Is Worth the Money!

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