Wireless Charging Function Mouse Pad

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Product Description

  • It features an embedded pattern that helps optimize beam detection for definitive mouse pointer location and minimized cursor fade or jitter. Its low-friction surface provides smooth movement for comfortable, long use with less effort. This mouse pad features 20 cm ruler on your left-handed side to be kept on a desk to help in measuring and drawing.
  • Multifunctional mouse pad with Qi wireless charging function.
  • Premium material made, smooth surface, anti-slip for using.
  • Unique bulge design can be used to hold phone, card, and wires.
  • A perfect mouse pad that keeps your table clean and neat.
  • Over temperature protection, while the temperature over 60℃, and it will auto stop for 1 minute and wait for the temperature drop down than recharge again.
  • Overcurrent protection while the current over 2A, to prevent charging damage.
  • Firstly, insert the data line head into the micro USB port of the wireless charging mouse pad;
  • Insert the charger into the port with 220V power supply;
  • The mobile phone with the receiving chip can be charged by placing it above the charging induction of the wireless charging mouse pad.

Item specifics

  • Material: TPU 90° Environmental Friendly Material
  • Input Voltage: DC 9V 1.5-2A (Over Voltage Alarm and Stop Charging)
  • Output Voltage: 9V±0.1V
  • Charging Current: 1500mAh
  • Charge Power: Maximum 10W
  • Converting Efficiency: >73%
  • Transmission Distance: >10mm (Recommended Distance 2mm-4mm)
  • Standby Power Cost: Average less than 50mW
  • Features: Multifunctional, Table Organizer, Durable, Qi Charge Standard
  • Size: 273mm x 206mm x 23mm/10.75" x 8.11" x 0.91" (Approx.)
  • Color: Black/Brown/Gray (Optional)
  • Package Weight: 0.42kg (0.93lb.)

Demonstration video

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