Phone 15 x Macro Lens with Selfie Ring Light

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This Macro Lens with Clip-on Ring Light is specially designed to use in the field of macro shot, scientific research, medical and personal photography in a very close distance shooting. The macro lens with light has HD macro, to meet the needs of close-up photography, HD details, Professionally Applied to beauty, nail, gardening, Jewelry, and other fields; also microcosmic world exploration of children and photography enthusiasts tools. you can also use it as a torch, emergency light, making up light, and even more!

Why should you purchase this item?

Because it’s easy to use, lightweight and The LED light is superior to your smartphone's built in flash—which can be blinding and unnatural—especially in darker settings and venues. MACRO LENS - MARVEL YOUR SENSES. MAGNIFY NEARBY SUBJECTS FOR BREATHTAKING, SUPER CLOSE-UP PHOTOS: Capture all the intricacies and details with precision-focus for razor crisp macro photos every time.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • The selfie ring light for the phone has 53 LEDs that will create the perfect lighting for your selfie.
  • The ring light for iPhone 9 kinds of lighting effects to help you take selfies, make-up, beauty fill-in light.
  • The lens for iPhone - definition macro, meets the needs of closes-up photography, high-definition detail.
  • The macro lens for iPhone is compatible with any iPhone or Android smartphone to have high fidelity macro photos.
  • The phone ring light is rechargeable with a USB cable connected to a laptop or PC. 
  • Better for your wallet - compare with other light, this much value.
  • It makes for a great gift for beauty workers and tech lovers.

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