Portable Teleprompter With Remote Control for Phone and camera Recording

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As the world’s most affordable and portable teleprompter sets up in minutes and is perfect for anyone needing to read on-camera copy.
From journalists that cover breaking news stories to educators recording exciting classroom lessons, the teleprompter is essential for your next video project, whether big or small.
By attaching the Teleprompter to almost any camera system, you will be able to easily insert your smartphone with the free teleprompter app to read text while looking directly into the lens.

Grab your microphone, tripod, lighting rig, and camera to start telling your best story with the Teleprompter.
  • 【Compatible & Support Wide Angle Lens】Designed for Smartphone, DSLR cameras. Support shooting with wide-angle not less than 24mm. The mobile phone holder of the teleprompter support size is 13.5cm/5.31 inches wide.
  • 【Clear Reflection】The three-point one-line design and principle of light reflection make the font reflection clear and easy to read, allowing you to look directly into the camera while reading off the screen. Besides, equipped with four different small backplanes and support clip 5.7CM-8.2CM SLR lens is suitable for standard 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77mm lens adapter ring, so that you can reduce light leakage during recording and improve the efficiency of recording work.

  • 【Three Cold Shoe Mount】Three cold shoe mount on the teleprompter for adding a flashlight microphone, video light,ring light or other optional accessories. 1/4 screw hole at the bottom can be easily attached to standard tripod.
  • 【Easy to Operate】You can control the teleprompter App document content, pause, play, play speed, and page-turning through the Remote Control. The remote control can also control other teleprompter App. According to the shooting needs, you can switch the phone bracket position freely, and adjust the horizontal and vertical shooting.
  • 【iOS/Android APP】Support IOS and Android App. This App supports a document that can enter 50,000 characters, and there is no limit to the number of documents. You can adjust the font size and color, control the playback speed, and background color. 

Key Features:

  • Teleprompter designed for smartphones and DSLR cameras.
  • Simple to install only needs a few steps, the teleprompter will be ready to work.
  • Included a remote control that can be connected with your smartphone for a more flexible and more convenient operation.
  • Support IOS and Android App.
  • The remote control can also control other teleprompter App. According to the shooting needs, you can switch the phone bracket position freely, and adjust the horizontal and vertical shooting.
  • The teleprompter is suitable for speech, live interviews, live streaming, vlog, video bloggers, and other activities.

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It has completely changed my overall presentation on video conferencing and video creation. The size is perfect for my home office application and the ability to attach directly to my camera is great!


I've worked in broadcasting for years, and working with a teleprompter is second nature for me. This is a nice, easy-to-use unit with a reading line (which is a very "professional" feature).


Slipping Up On Your Words All The Time? Don't Make Another Video Without This!


This was a very simple piece of kit to set up and it really does work well.


The teleprompter arrived quickly and packaged well. I unpacked it right away and was amazed how well manufactured the teleprompter is i did not expect this being that its so well priced.

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