3 in 1 Portable Extendable Selfie Stick Ring Light

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RGB colorful lighting effects, 9 RGB fill light modes + 3 LED fill light modes, suitable for more live scenes, make live broadcast full of happiness!

Live broadcasting and photo shooting can be beautiful, pupil, eye protection, highlighting the five-facial stereo.

【All-in-one Design】

More than a selfie stick. Comes with tripod, wireless remote shutter and ring light, professional to meet your various shooting needs. You can convert the selfie stick to tripod with ease, with no need for installation, so as to achieve stable shooting. Plus, the ring light will serve as a fill light anytime.
【New RGB colorful lighting effect mode】

9 RGB fill light modes + 3 LED fill light modes,2900K-6500K bead color temperature, the only one in the industry. You can switch any favorite lighting mode to make selfies more colorful and charming.
【High-quality material and workmanship】

The selfie stick is made of aluminum alloy pole material, and all corners are reinforced with a machine to make the selfie more stable, and it will not slip off easily when rotating the angle. Enjoy the ultimate selfie and live streaming experience.
【Convenient shooting method】

The selfie stick can be rotated 360° at will and has Bluetooth. The Bluetooth device can be removed at any time. Through the Bluetooth button, you can easily take full-body photos without the help of others.

【Ultra-portable carrying】

The maximum retractable height of the product is 36 inches, but the diameter of the product after folding is only 8.46 inches, 0.29KG, you can put it in your pocket or other small bags. Whenever you want to record a beautiful moment, it always there.

The  Selfie Stick Ring Light is a Must-Have to Video Chat with anyone in the world using your smartphone & favorite Apps:

  • Business Owners and Social Media Marketin
  • Facebook Advertising Content
  • Instagram and IG Stories
  • Youtube Content Video
  • Periscope
  • FaceTime
  • Skype
  • Snapchat
  • Tiktok
  • Traveling V blogs
  • Photo and Video in Low light or total dark conditions
  • Remote Video Teleconferences
  • Live Streaming
  • Perfect lighting for applying Makeup
  • Daylight Mood Light
  • Makes a Great Gift! 🎁🎁🎁

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    I like this product which helps me a lot when I took the picture. Also, the light helps the picture looking better. It is easy/small to carry out for travel.


    Compact, but offers a great amount of light for better photos!


    I really like that this has multiple functions as it can be used as a self stick as well as a stand. It’s especially nice that you can detach the clicker to take the picture from further away. It light, compact snd makes a great traveling companion!


    I love this product! I needed something to record videos that was hands free and this is perfect! I love the different light settings and that you can use the selfie stick on its own or with the tripod.


    It makes me looking better when I turn on video. I am satisficed with this product.

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