1-Axis Selfie Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone

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The 1-Axis GIMBAL STABILIZER FOR SMARTPHONE is born for filming your life. Everyone can direct his/her own interesting VLOG.

Grip the gimbal, go out to record & share what you saw & how you feel about this world, without hesitation & fuzzy. Everyone can be a director easily.

  • STABILIZATION: The 1-Axis handheld stabilizer uses an electronic accelerometer to ensure the balance of the camera during motion and the captured image and video will always be clear, horizontally or vertically.
  • PLUG & PLAY: No app is required. Simply put the phone in place and turn on the stabilizer and you’re good to go. As compared to other 3-axis stabilizers which are usually very cumbersome to use, you’d appreciate the simplicity in our product.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: A detachable Bluetooth remote control can be used to control the shutter wirelessly. Simply connect to your phone via Bluetooth (no app required) and take pictures remotely.
  • TRIPOD: Not only does our stabilizer able to extend to 22 inches, but the built-in tripod also allows it to stand still and take pictures remotely with our Bluetooth controller.
  • RECHARGEABLE: Enjoy our 600mAh rechargeable built-in battery that can easily last you 2 hours continuously. Don’t worry if you run out of juice, simply switch it to lock mode and you can use it as a normal selfie stick without any power supply.
1-Axis selfie stick tripod is between the ordinary selfie stick and the 3-Axis stabilizer.

It is professional to take the video than an ordinary selfie stick, Easier to operate than a 3-Axis stabilizer, the 3-Axis stabilizer doesn't have a long stick, So It is a great tool for most selfies enthusiasts or photo and video producers. Save your time, no need to download the App to make the photography complicated.

How to Change Mode:

First of all, you need to know the function of the buttons on the device.

There is a Mode Change Button behind the clip head and an Intelligent Button beside the clip head.

Gimbal Mode:

  1. When you need to use the Gimbal mode, you need to unlock the mode change button first.
  2. And long press the intelligent button, when the light turns green, the Gimbal Mode is active.
  3. And then you just need to short press the intelligent button to change the position you want.

Selfie Stick Mode:

  1. When you need to use the Selfie Stick Mode, you need to make sure that the Gimbal Mode is off.
  2. If the light is green, you need to long-press the intelligent button to turn off the Gimbal Mode. If the light is dark, it means the Gimbal Mode is already off.
  3. And then put the clip head to the position you want and lock the mode change button to fix the position.

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    I love this tripod, I always record my cooking recipes to post on my social media, and this made my life much easier, I can take pics and videos on my own now love it!

    Angelia Foster

    Bought as a gift so not used yet, looks good and promising. Fast shipping

    Sara Al Dawamneh

    It’s very professional ,now I can make professional video and photo ,easy to use and image stabilization


    This was the more budget friendly one and it is great for what it is - a simple setup, easy to use economical gimbal.


    Very easy to use. It’s a small-sized one axis gimbal that works. It’s a great all-around gimbal.

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