Carry Speed Pro Mark IV Strap System

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The modular, quick adjust, sling featuring our patented mount technology.
Effortless all day carry for a camera that’s locked at your side and fast into action.  

Carryspeed Pro Mark IV


Designed for DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras

Works with Zoom lenses & battery grips

Pro Mark IV with 9.5cm Shoulder Pad Width

Original Offset Hanging Design

Speed Cinch Front Quick Adjustment

Front Cinch Lock System

Carryspeed Pro Mark IV

F3 Two Way Adjustable Mounting Plate

Tripod Mount Friendly, Arca Swiss Ready

Max Load: 5kg

Connection Point: Universal 1/4"- 20 Tripod thumbscrew

It¡¯s highly recommended to use the safety strap while you are using the Carry Speed strap.?

Carryspeed Pro Mark IV

Package includes:

1/ Ultra Wide Shoulder Pad
2/ Strap Body with Front Quick Adjustment
3/ Pro Mark IV Mounting plate
4/ Under Arm Stabilizer Strap
5/ Camera Tether

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