Sunset Lamp Projector LED Lights

Color: Sunset red
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The romantic projection light will bring some changes and surprises in your life, don't hesitate anymore. 

The romantic visual led light head can be rotated 90 degrees Adjust the size and shape by rotating the light head to meet your needs for creative romantic atmospheres such as taking photos and Vlog

Why choose it?

  • Floor night light
  • Compared with most night lights, this night light with a base and support pole can be used as a floor lamp.
  • The projection of the rainbow sunset lamp can be adjusted 180°. You can project the beautiful sunset on the walls, headboards, and ceilings.
  • The joint of the rotating lamp is made of metal, which not only guarantees its durability but also has a strong support force so that the lamp head will not sag.
  • The projection size of the colorful sunset lamp can be changed by the distance between the lamp and the wall. The farther the distance, the larger the sunset projection.

Atmosphere lights in any place

  • The sunset night lamp can be used to decorate any room, adding a romantic atmosphere to it.
  • For example, the home's bedroom, living room, children's room, playhouse.
  • Atmosphere light for photography studios.
  • Or use the sunset lights in restaurants, cafes, shops, parties, and the charming colorful sunset will surely be praised by people.
    • 【Comfortable LED Light】With a more bright but more comfortable led light, crystal-clear lens and 10W USB power supply, our sunset projection lamp can keep its light and work for a long time. It will give you a warm and beautiful tone.
    • 【More Sturdy Light】Our sunset light is made of enhanced aluminum and iron. Quality iron base, glass light frame and aluminum light pole make stand more sturdy. The pole won't tilt, and the glass frame will rotate only when you rotate it. It can stand on a desk or any place flat place all the time.
    • 【Warm & Romantic Atmosphere】You and your favorite items will look prettier, more fashionable and cooler in pictures or vlogs. Creating a romantic and classical atmosphere, it is also suitable for home parties, living rooms, kids bedroom, weddings, outdoor barbecues, background lights, collection cabinet light.
    • 【180 Degrees Rotated】The led sunset projection head can be rotated 180 degrees and can light you conveniently at the best angle and position when you or your item take a picture or video.
    • 【How to use】Connect to the USB interface and press the button down, colorful light will show up. After using it, you can press the button again to close the light. Rotating the light lens can adjust the size and shape of the halo of projector night light. The light casts gorgeous circular lights on the wall, ceiling and floor.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 35 reviews

      This is amazing! Just like I expected it, quality is also great. The lighting is also not so strong, which makes it great for taking pictures.


      So beautiful. Love this sunset lamp. Great for tiktok video and pictures. Bright my living room!


      Perfect for photography and love it!


      Got this as a gift for my friend and we both love this product! It’s nice and small but shines big and bright. Genuinely feels like in the sun and Perfect for photoshoot ! I’m definitely going to have to buy one for myself.


      This light so amazing!
      Since I gonna catch the flight ,so just tried a little bit.
      The color of the light is slightly different depending on the distance,the atmosphere soooo good!
      Definitely will try to take more beautiful pictures after my travel!

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